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The following Policies are adopted by Council and are a statement of principles, developed within the framework of the Council’s role, objectives and long term goals – as identified in its Community and Strategic Plans.

Policies reviewed and adopted by Council

Appointment of General Manager

Communication Devices Policy

Complaint Management Policy

Councillor & Staff Interaction Policy

Councillor Access to Information Policy

Councillor Expense Policy

Credit Card Policy

EEO Policy – 2021

Fraud and Corruption Policy

Gifts and Benefits Policy

Hardship Policy

Investment Policy – October 2021

Internal Reporting Policy

Privacy Management Plan 2021

Procurement and Disposal Policy

Records Management Policy

Risk Management Policy

Secondary Employment Policy

Smoke Free Workplace Policy

Social Media Policy

Staff Education and Training Policy

Statement of Business Ethics Policy

Volunteer Risk Management Policy

WH&S Management System

Workplace Surveillance Policy

Volunteer Management Procedure

Policies to be reviewed

Access to Information Policy

Access to Town Water Supply Policy

Annual-Town-Clean-Up Policy

Asset Disposal Policy

Asset Management Policy

Assistance with payment of rates, fees & charges as a result of financial hardship

Building Setback Policy

Business Ethics Pollicy

Cemetery Management Polic – August 2021

Child Protection Policy

Code of Conduct

  • Please click OLG Model Code of Conduct –  to view the Office of Local Government Model Code of Conduct that Balranald Shire Council formally adopted as per the Model Code of Conduct Policy

Code of Meeting Practice – Balranald Shire Council

Collection of outstanding fees & charges

Collection of outstanding rates

Complaints Management Policy

Conferences Seminar Attendance Policy

Contaminated Lands Policy

Corporate Credit Card Policy

Councillor iPads Policy

Councillor Training Policy

Customer-Service-Charter Policy

Donations Subsidies & Financial Assistance Policy

Enterprise Risk Management Policy 

Education Assistance Policy

Fencing Code Policy

Flag Flying Policy

Footpath Policy

Fraud Corruption Policy

Gifts & Benefits Policy

Grids Policy

Harassment Bullying Policy

Heavy Vehicle Chain of Responsibility Policy

Housing Policy

Information Collection Policy

Interaction between councillors and staff policy

Keeping of Animals Policy

Leasing & Licensing of Council Property – December 2020

Nature Strip Landscaping Policy

Noxious Weeds Policy

Payment of Expenses & Provisions for Administrator, Mayor & Councillors Policy

Pool Inspection Policy

Privacy Plan Policy

Private Functions on Public Reserves Policy

Public Interest Disclosures Internal Reporting Policy

Recreation Areas Policy

Related Parties Policy

Right To Farm Policy – March 2021

Road Class Maintenance Policy

Roads Policy

Signs Policy

Sports Safety Policy

Street Raffle Policy

Theatre Royal Fee

Water Leak Policy

WHS Policy