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Government Levies

Fees that are payable with Development Applications, Complying Development Certificates and Construction Certificates are remitted to the appropriate State Government agency.

Long Service Levy Corporation Fee

This fee is payable when the cost of the works exceed $25,000. Set at 0.35% of the estimated or contract value, the levy may not be applied for certain eligible organisations, such as charities or Owner Builders.

Exemption or refund of the Long Service Levy payment may be applied for after payment is made. Exemption forms are available from Council.

Planning First Levy

This fee is paid to the State Government via Council and applies for each Development Application or Complying Development Certificate if the estimated or contract value of the project exceeds $50,000.

The fee is 64c / $1,000 based on the value of the work. There is no exemption from this fee.