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Planning and Development Applications

Application forms for the development process are available from the Balranald Shire Council, 70 Market Street, Balranald NSW 2715 or by downloading the appropriate form from the list below.

If you are unsure of the type of application necessary for your building project, please contact the council on 03 5020 1300.

Form – Application for Certificates 2020/2021

Application for Development

Application to Modify Consent

Section 68 Application Form

Occupation Certificate

Council has the following Policies located on the policies page that may assist in answering queries about common development questions.

  • Building setback Policy
  • Fencing Code Policy
  • Nature strip Landscaping Policy
  • Street Raffle Policy

Please click on the link to access Councils Policies

Obstacle Limitation Surfaces

The Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) are a series of surfaces that set the height limits of objects around an aerodrome. Objects that project through the OLS become
obstacles.  The OLS may comprise the following individual surfaces:

  • outer horizontal surface;
  • conical surface;
  • inner horizontal surface;
  • approach surface;
  • inner approach surface;
  • transitional surface;
  • inner transitional surface;
  • baulked landing surface; and
  • take-off climb surface.

The standards for, and description of, each of the obstacle limitation surfaces are set out in the following plan – please click on the link to view

Obstacle Limitation Surface