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Planning Issues

Planning at Balranald is subject to the overview of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act. Council’s planning controls are currently under review with a re-evaluation to meet the planning reform requirements of the State Government. Currently, the planning controls are the Balranald Local Environment Plan 2010.

The Council is also the “regulator” of activities known as statutory planning and development control. Council has delegated a number of functions relevant to development control to enable these matters to be dealt with quickly and easily. Council still has to consider the positive and negative impacts to those applications that seek to develop land and properties within the Shire. A Statement of Environment Effects has to be considered.

The current planning reforms are evolving and there are changes occurring with the State Government legislation which will impact upon the role of the Council in areas of development control and assessment.

The objectives of the planning reform processes is to achieve a more predictable and quicker outcome upon minor matters at the local level and for greater State Government involvement in the more significant or controversial development. There is also a layer of State Government involvement now being introduced for determinations upon applications which can be referred to a Planning Arbitrator, Planning Assessment Commission or Joint Regional Planning Panels before appeals proceeding to the Land & Environment Court.


For more information view the Balranald LEP