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New Border Control Public Health Order and Zone Map

Under the new arrangements, most people needing to enter NSW and Victoria in border communities will be able to do so using a border resident permit. The permit will be launched as soon as possible through the Service NSW permit portal, and will allow border region residents to cross the NSW/VIC border to:

–             obtain necessary goods or services,

–             for care or compassionate reasons,

–             to attend work or obtain educational services (where it is not practicable to work or obtain educational services from home), and

–             to move to a new place of residence, but only within the border region (separate information on other relocating residents is included below).

Conditions apply to the border resident permit, including:

–             entry into NSW is only allowed for a Victorian resident where they are travelling for a permitted purpose described above, or for a NSW resident who has travelled to Victoria for a permitted purpose.

–             NSW residents cannot enter NSW using the permit if they have travelled in Victoria beyond the border region or to a COVID-19 area of concern within the previous 14 days. Full details of current areas of concern are located at Please note that all restricted areas in Victoria are in the vicinity of Melbourne, however, areas of concern are in regional Victoria.

–             Victorian residents are also not permitted to travel in NSW beyond the border region. They are not allowed to enter NSW if they have been to a COVID-19 area of concern or a restricted area under the Victorian Area Direction.

Existing permits for people living in the border region and providing a critical service in the border region (Item 2B, Schedule 1), and for border zone residents (Item 7, Schedule 1) will be replaced by the new border region resident permit. Anyone with a valid permit of these types when the Order commences on 4 September 2020 will be deemed to have a border region resident permit and will be subject to the conditions of the new permit. These permits will continue in force until the expiry date stated on the permit, unless sooner revoked.

In addition to these revisions new COVID-19 safety checklists and plans have been approved by the Chief Health Officer on 2 September 2020 for:

–             moving freight on a commercial basis,

–             child access and care arrangements, and

–             critical service (agriculture) workers.

Compassionate permits will continue to be available for end of life care and funeral and memorial services, but also in other exceptional circumstance. Additional advice and guidance on this will be provided as soon as it is available.

In addition, a NSW resident will now include a person who is permanently relocating to NSW. These people will be eligible for a class 1 permit, meaning that they will be required to fly to Sydney and quarantine. Border Control Zone Map and Public Health Order