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Community Announcements


Development Application No 20/2019 and Statement of Environmental Effects has been submitted to Balranald Shire Council as the consent authority for assessment.

Applicant:      Price Merrett Consulting

Description:  Highway Service Centre Redevelopment

Location:        BP Service Station, Sturt Highway, Balranald NSW 2715

Duryea Street, Balranald NSW 2715

Lot 1 DP 851874 & Lot 2 DP 851874

The subject Development Application and Statement of Environmental Effects are on display from the 14th December 2018 to the 22nd January 2019 at the Balranald Shire Council Office, 70 Market Street Balranald NSW 2715 and on Councils website.

Any person may lodge a written submission, during the exhibition period, to Balranald Shire Council concerning the Development Application. If the submission is by way of objection, the grounds of the objection must be specified in the submission.

Written submissions will be received up until 4:00pm 22nd January 2019 and should be addressed to the General Manager, Balranald Shire Council, PO Box 120, Balranald NSW 2715.

Any person who makes a submission by way of objection and is dissatisfied with the determination of the consent authority to grant development consent, may appeal to the Land and Environment Court.

Council may publish the name, address and the submissions of the person/s or organisation/s from whom a submission is received, unless clear instruction is given other than this information is not to be published.

For further information please contact Councils Acting Director Infrastructure & Development, Mr Ray Mitchell, on 03 5020 1300.

Michael Kitzelmann

General Manager

DA 20/2019 – Proposed Highway Service Centre Redevelopment – Application Form

DA 20/2019 – Proposed Highway Service Centre Redevelopment – SEE

DA 20/2019 – Proposed Highway Service Centre Redevelopment – Traffic Report

DA 20/2019 – Proposed Highway Service Centre Redevelopment – Plan


Notice is provided on receipt of the following development application.

Application No:  16/2019

Applicant:            Bamford Engineering & Consulting Pty Ltd

Location:              140 Market Street Balranald, Lot 11 Section 16 DP 758048

32 Cally Street Balranald, Lot 24 DP 820439

Description:        Motel Extension – 10 Transportable Accommodation Units

Initial enquiries should be directed to Council on 03 5020 1300 during office business hours. Written submissions in relation to the proposal will be received up until 12:00pm Friday 21st December 2018, and should be addressed to the General Manager, PO Box 120, Balranald NSW 2715.

Michael Kitzelmann

General Manager

DA 16.2019 – Proposed Motel Extension -Application Form

DA 16.2019 – Proposed Motel Extension – Statement of Environmental Effec…

DA 16.2019 – Proposed Motel Extension – Plans

NSW Rural Fire Service Announcement – NSW Bush Fire Danger Period begins on October 1

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is reminding Balranald and Wentworth residents that the Bush Fire Danger Period for these areas will commenced on Saturday October 1.


NSW RFS Superintendent Steve Walker advises that “Come October 1, any person burning in the open without a valid Permit risks heavy penalties. Residents wishing to light a fire in the open are still required to notify the Dareton Fire Control Centre and their neighbours, 24 hours prior to lighting up anytime of the year”.

All residents in the Balranald and Wentworth areas need to be vigilant and extremely careful with fire.

Please contact the Dareton Fire Control Centre for any advice in relation to burning requirements and notifications.

Any person who fails to notify their neighbours or the relevant fire authority may risk fines starting at $1,100

“We don’t want to have to fine anyone in our community; it is as simple as making a phone call to avoid any legal ramifications.” Supt Walker said

Supt Walker would also like to remind residents of Balranald and Wentworth that information in the media released by the CFA may differ from what is required in NSW, so he encourages residents who are unsure of anything to call the Dareton Fire Control Centre Monday to Friday from 900am to 430 pm, on 03 5027 4422, or call into the office at 58 – 60 Mitchell Avenue Dareton.

Neighbourhood Safer Places on the NSW RFS Website

Since 2010, the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) has been managing the Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP) programme across New South Wales. The NSP concept evolved out of the 2009 Victorian Bush Fires Royal Commission. The primary purpose of a NSP is the protection of human life.  Their function is to provide a place of last resort for members of the community to shelter during a bush fire.

It is an essential part of the NSP programme that accurate and up-to-date information about the status and location of local NSPs be provided to the community, and the NSW RFS updates the NSP information on their website regularly and is therefore able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information concerning NSPs within each Local Government Area (LGA).

The NSW RFS has recently updated their public website and the link to all information regarding NSPs on the website is provided below:

The NSW RFS will continue to provide any changes to NSPs within a LGA and this link will ensure that any information provided remains up-to-date and consistent, and direct local residents to the current information regarding NSPs in your area.


 The Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP, Minister for Local Government has issued Balranald Shire Council with a Performance Improvement Order.

Click here to view the order

Click here to view the Updated Implementation Plan – Dec 2017

Letters received from Office Local Government

  1. Letter – Notice of Intention to Issue Performance Improvement Order
  2. letter from The Hon. Gabrielle Upton – issue with Improvement Order
  3. Letter from OLG re improvement order December 2017
  4. letter from OLG December 2017

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

For information regarding how and when the NDIS will roll out in NSW for people with disability, their families and carers and service providers, please click here


It’s always a good idea to check any restrictions that may apply to traveller’s crossing state lines or borders with produce that may be restricted in different states.


Help protect our agricultural industries and environment from pests and diseases.


Quarantine requirements may change as new pests, diseases and weeds are detected.

For the most up to date information, visit the Interstate Quarantine website or telephone 1800 084 881 during business hours Mon-Fri.

Click Australian-Interstate-Quarantine-Travellers-guide-24.03.17 to download the guide

Draft documents currently on Exhibition

From time to time, Council prepares draft documents for exhibition. The community is invited to comment on these documents.

Comments are considered by Council before adoption.  Documents are open for comment for a period of 28 days.

Please click here to be directed to the Exhibition of Draft documents page

Notice of Intended pesticide Application

Councils Weeds Officer, through a maintenance program, sprays intermittent weeds throughout the Shire.

Under the Pesticides Regulation 2009, at least 5 working days’ notice must be provided before a licensed pest management technician (pest controller) uses pesticides to treat any common areas of a multiple occupancy property, or uses spray or liquid pesticides adjacent to a sensitive place.

Please click on this link for more information  –

Wood Smoke Reduction – top tips for better woodheater operation

All slow combustion woodheaters tend to smoke at light-up or refuelling.  However, there is no reason for woodheaters to smoke excessively for long periods of time if they are operated correctly and are well maintained.

Minimising the emission of visible smoke from woodheaters and fireplaces can have substantial health benefits for the community in view of the harmful impacts of wood smoke.

For more information, please go to: