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Food Recall – Kinder Surprise Chocolates

Ferrero Australia Pty. Ltd. is conducting a recall of various Kinder chocolate products
(see below). The products have been available for sale nationally at Coles,
Woolworths, Target, Kmart, Big W, independent food retailers including IGA and
petrol stations, and online.

Barcode information:
 Kinder Easter Basket 120g (6x20g): 19300698000619
 Kinder Mini Eggs Hazelnut: 100g: 19300698020242; 270g; 9300698503618;
750g: 9300698503618
 Kinder Surprise Maxi (Miraculous) 100g: 19300698018591
 Kinder Surprise Maxi (Natoons) 100g: 19300698016528
 Kinder Surprise Xmas Maxi (Disney Frozen 2021) 100g: 9300698502246
 Kinder Surprise Xmas Maxi (2021) 100g: 9300698501935
 Kinder Maxi Xmas Mix with Plush (2021) 133g: 9300698504004
 Kinder Xmas Happy Moments Ballotin (2021) 190g: 9300698503960

For further information click on the link or go to food authority website;