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Development and Planning

Development is now classified into different types of development relevant to their significance, impact and predictability.

Exempt Development:  Minor development that has no impact on the community for which no approval is required from the Council provided the development does not exceed the rules for exempt development.

Complying Development: Development that is within predictable standards set out by the state government for which a Complying Development Certificate is required and that will only require post notification to the community.

Local Development: Development that is determined by the Council and is consistent with the Local Environmental Plan that, dependent on council policy, that Council will publicly exhibit the application, and then make a decision on the development.

Advertised Development: Development that is local development is required to be advertised in accordance with the Local Environmental Plan or state government laws. The advertising is done prior to the determination and there are review and appeal rights to the community and the applicant.

Integrated Development: Development that is lodged for consent with the Council, but requires referral to state government agencies that are involved with determining the application. These also have review and appeal rights to objectors and applicants.

Designated Development: Development that is determined by the Council for intense developments that have an impact and approval requirements from other statutory authorities where such development is above a certain threshold or an environmental impact. An Environmental Impact Statement has to be prepared for advertising as to the potential impacts of the development. The concurrence and referral authorities have the right of veto of any determination.

Crown Development: Development by a state government agency for which referral of application is made to appropriate state government agencies and the approval and conditions can only be endorsed by that agency and acceptable to the Minister for that responsible agency. There is now legislation introduced by the State Government that limits Council’s decision making involvement on infrastructure.

State Significant or Major Development:  This form of development is determined by thresholds for which the assessment and decision making is made by the Department of Planning or the Minister. There are defined appeal and review rights that may be exercised.