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Footpath Trading

Alcohol Free Zone

Balranald Shire Council has declared the Market Street area as an “alcohol free zone”.

Council has granted alfresco footpath dining to some restaurants adjacent to their property. This policy has been adopted by Council and allows for a lease or license for footpath trading for a period of up to 5 years. Alcohol can only be served to patrons using the alfresco dining who are being served meals.

Stalls & Footpath Trading

Any footpath trading, whether for a stall, raffle or charitable collection requires the prior consent of Council and are required to display an “authorisation sign” which can be obtained from Council. Anyone operating a BBQ event should ensure damage does not occur to Council’s footpath and pavers from fats or other materials.

These requirements are intended to minimise any inconvenience to shoppers and allows fair access to potential customers for all traders.

Sandwich Board Signs

When sandwich board signs are displayed on the footpath, they should:

  • Not impede pedestrian activity on the footpath
  • Not impede vehicle parking spaces on the road or parking areas
  • Sandwich board owners must ensure their public risk insurance policy includes the placement of the sign on the footpath reducing any liability against Council

Council staff are authorised to confiscate any signs that cause inconvenience to the public or where warnings are not observed.