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Public Consultation Notice – Proposed Traffic Calming Bertram and Taylor Roads, Euston

Balranald Shire Council gives notice of its intention to install raised thresholds (“speed humps”) in Bertram and Taylor Roads, Euston as a traffic calming measure. This action is being taken in response to repeated resident concerns over the safety issues posed by speeding vehicles seeking to bypass the main highway route through Euston.

Details of the proposed location of the thresholds and associated signage can be found on Council’s website or on the public notice on display at Euston Post Office. The locations are also clearly marked on the roads in question.

Submissions on this proposal are invited from the public, to be received by e-mail: by close of business on Wednesday 14 April 2021. Public submissions and a final decision on the proposal will be considered by Council at the April monthly meeting to be held on 20 April 2021.